Designer Spotlight: LUCII

LUCII, a digital fashion designer active on multiple NFT and digital fashion platforms, shares her story and perspectives on metaverse wearables.

Designer Spotlight: LUCII

NFTs and virtual social spaces are transforming digital fashion, but the ones driving the changes are the designers. In the Designer Spotlight series, we interview the aspiring designers to share their backgrounds as well as their perspectives on metaverse wearables.

For our first designer, we introduce LUCII, a digital fashion designer active on multiple NFT and digital fashion platforms like DressX, XR Couture, and OpenSea.

M&W: Could you briefly introduce yourself?

LUCII: I'm LUCII, a menswear designer based in Los Angeles, California. And I run a digital fashion brand "LUCII".

M&W: Tell us a bit about your brand. What is LUCII and what makes it unique?

LUCII: LUCII is punk rock in nature and attempts to embody a lot of the feelings and sentiments surrounding Web3 as a new frontier breaking traditional systems. To incorporate these into design, LUCII is heavy on embellishment and detail.

M&W: What is your background in fashion industry and how did you enter the world of digital fashion?

LUCII: When I first moved to LA, I started a series of styling internships in Hollywood working everything from the Grammys, Red Carpet, to Vogue editorials. While being an apprentice, I maintained my own artistic discourse by doing editorial styling and custom garments. After about 3 years, I pivoted back into the design world and accepted a position at Libertine, an LA-based cult brand, where I was an embellishment specialist for in-house production.

M&W: Where can people find your work?

LUCII: I drop small collections of 1/1's on OpenSea and provide virtual dressing services through XR Couture and DressX. I will also be joining the Metaverse Fashion Week happening on Decentraland this month and have wearable NFT drops. In the coming months, there will be exciting collaboration projects for both IRL and digital fashion collections.

LUCII Website

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