Designer Spotlight: Andreas Christidis

Andreas Christidis, a 3D artist and motion graphics designer expressing youth culture in his designs, shares his journey into digital fashion.

Designer Spotlight: Andreas Christidis

NFTs and virtual social spaces are transforming digital fashion, but the ones driving the changes are the designers. In the Designer Spotlight series, we interview the aspiring designers to share their backgrounds as well as their perspectives on metaverse wearables.

We introduce Andreas Christidis, a 3D artist and motion graphics designer who has also been active in digital fashion NFT space.

M&W: Could you briefly introduce yourself?

Andreas: My name is Andreas Christidis, and I am a 3D artist and digital fashion designer, based in Germany. I have been working in digital fashion space and building my brand for a year now.

M&W: How did you start creating 3D art and digital fashion NFTs?

Andreas: Growing up in a small town in Germany, I have been interested in fashion from a very young age. Though I did not receive a formal education in fashion design, I spent a lot of time trying to teach myself how to create custom pieces, create my own jeans, and style my unique garments. Then, I saw 3D art and NFT as an opportunity to break my boundaries and freely express my creativity beyond physical work, and decided to fully dedicate myself into this space of creating digital art in 3D.

M&W: That's amazing. Tell us more about your brand and your work!

Andreas: In my work, I try to represent the younger generation and their culture. In Germany, we say that the youngest people are the newest future. I believe that representing youth shows a glimpse of the future, and I try to express the unconventional and diverse nature of younger generation in my designs.

M&W: How do you connect to your audience and collectors of your work?

Andreas: I mainly communicate using Twitter and Instagram, like many other NFT artists, but what I try to do is to talk to many different people, whether they are deeply in the 3D design or NFT space or not. I have learned so much by interacting with others and by sharing what I know and think.

M&W: Where can people find your work? Anything fans can look forward to in the upcoming months?

Andreas: I am currently focusing on completing my STREETWEAR collection. You can find some of the work on Foundation and OpenSea, but the full collection is expected to be revealed by around September. I am also working on collaboration projects with other digital artists.

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