ALTERRAGE: a Web3 fashion label connecting physical, AR, and metaverse wearables

Lauren Kacher, a Paris-based designer, shares her story as a digital fashion designer and how she started ALTERRAGE.

ALTERRAGE: a Web3 fashion label connecting physical, AR, and metaverse wearables

Lauren Kacher is a Paris-based designer and founder of ALTERRAGE, a Web3 fashion label. With a rich background in fashion and accessory design working with brands like YSL and Loewe over a course of 10 years, she found digital fashion as a way to truly realize her visions of sustainability, co-creation, and expression. In this interview, Lauren shares her background as a fashion designer and the story behind the ALTERRAGE project.

M&W: How did you start being involved in digital fashion?

Lauren: Throughout my career in fashion design, I have been very interested in circular processes and digital tools to implement into the design process to improve the sustainability of the industry. During the pandemic, I began learning about digital fashion, NFTs, blockchain, and Web3, and was fascinated by the opportunities and promises it could bring to the fashion industry. But while virtual interactions and digital identities are important, what made me excited was the possibility to use digital to improve our physical world. And that became the underlying philosophy behind the digital fashion designs I produce as KALAU and the ALTERRAGE label.

FUTR E*SHCK, the debut collection by ALTERRAGE

M&W: Could you tell us more about ALTERRAGE and its collections?

Lauren: ALTERRAGE is a Web3 fashion label that embraces the vision of "METARALITY™"—combining the physical, augmented, and digital spheres. We see the world in three different layers: In Real Life (IRL) refers to real-life interactions and physical fashion, On Real Life (ORL) captures garments provided through AR tools or filters, and Larger Than Life (LTL) symbolizes the digital-only fashion existing in virtual worlds and on blockchains. And in our collections, we try to select the best medium—ranging from Snap Lens to game avatar wearables—to show the capabilities of a specific layer of our world.

M&W: How is ALTERRAGE structured and how can designers be involved?

Lauren: ALTERRAGE is currently transitioning into a DAO (a decentralized autonomous organization) to encourage transparency, equality, and collective incentive as a fashion label using web3 tools such as blockchain, tokenized voting, and on-chain workflow tools. The project has grown with more people involved, and we currently have ten specialized professionals in our core team at ALTERRAGE. As we complete the constitution and make key decisions regarding tokenomics, we will onboard more people to our team. ALTERRAGE is divided into different spheres, with each sphere having a specific role ranging from tech and strategy to marketing and design. In the future we will begin our seasonal collections, collaborating with physical, AR, and digital designers through community voting and structured around our METARALITY formula.

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